LabChart macros
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The macro feature of LabChart can be used to automate repetitive tasks. These macros are provided as examples that may be useful to telemetry users. Please see below for more details on the specific macros.

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Automatic file saving in LabChart

When recording data from telemetry studies the files can get very large, very quickly. The problem with large files is that they can be slow to work with and analyze in LabChart. A macro can be used to automatically record data for a set period of time (e.g. 12 hours), save the data and create a new file before starting a new recording.

The zip files available for download contain LabChart settings files (which include file saving macro) and instructions for setting up the macro. Two versions are available depending on whether you are recording video in LabChart or not.

Automating hourly averages of multiple files in LabChart

Analyzing data from chronic telemetry experiments can be time consuming. The file telemetry analysis contains instructions, an example LabChart data file, and required additional files to automatically calculate hourly averages from batch of LabChart files.