SNA analysis
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Download instructions and an example data file showing how to use LabChart to determine if bursts of SNA occur in time with the arterial pulse.

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SNA analysis in LabChart

It can be difficult to determine if you have a good sympathetic nerve activity (SNA) signal. One of the hallmarks of SNA is that it contains bursts that are in time with the cardiac cycle (arterial pulse). This is not always obvious just by viewing the signal. One method of determining if the bursts are occurring at the same time in the cardiac cycle is to average the signal with respect to the systolic peak in the arterial pressure signal. This method was described in Guild et al. 2010. Instructions (Tech note) for how to perform this analysis in LabChart and an example LabChart data file are available for download using the links above.

Guild et al. “Quantifying sympathetic nerve activity: problems, pitfalls and the need for standardization.“ Experimental Physiology 95(1), 41-50, 2010.