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Please download the appropriate zip file for your ConfigSoft version (see below) and run the setup file applicable to your operating system (32 or 64 bit). For additional information or support contact us.

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ConfigSoft 4.2

ConfigSoft 4.2 maintains the functionality of ConfigSoft 4.1 & 4.0 with the addition of optogenetics parameter setting for the new TR58AB telemeter.

The ConfigSoft telemetry software is part of the Configurator System, which is used to wirelessly control and configure telemeters, SmartPads and tBases. The software also collects and outputs telemeter, SmartPad and tBase diagnostic information and manages their settings.

The channel numbers of the Kaha Sciences Telemetry system tell the components (telemeters, SmartPads and Configurator) which frequencies to communicate on. In ConfigSoft version 4.0 the number of available channels increased from 30 to 40. Due to this change, channel numbers were rearranged to different frequencies to accommodate the extra channels.

If you are currently using a previous version of ConfigSoft (3.0 or earlier) and wish to increase the number of available channels from 30 to 40, it is important to carefully follow the upgrade instructions (download below). All existing telemeters (excluding TRM53P), SmartPads (TR180 and TR181) and Configurators (TR190) are compatible with the new 40 Channel system. No changes to the hardware or firmware are required to access the new 40 Channels for rat telemetry systems.

If you plan to use the Kaha Sciences Mouse Telemetry System you will need to use ConfigSoft v4.0 or later, and your Configurator may need a firmware upgrade (please contact us)

If you wish to use the Optogenetics telemeter (TR58AB) you will need to use ConfigSoft v4.2 and your SmartPads and Configurator may require a firmware upgrade (please contact us)

Key Features:
  • Optogenetics parameter setting (requires Configurator firmware v3.3 or later and SmartPad firmware v4.1 or later)
  • 40 Channels (increased from 30 in ConfigSoft v3.0) allow data to be recorded from up to 40 animals (mice and/or rats)
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Compatible with all SmartPads, Configurators and 5 series telemeters (except TRM53P)
  • Rat cohousing and mouse telemetry functions included (require Configurator firmware version 3.2 or later)

ConfigSoft 3.0

ConfigSoft 3.0 has been superseded by ConfigSoft 4.2. It includes the cohousing feature for the rat telemetry system and uses the old 30 channel transmission frequencies. ConfigSoft 3.0 is compatible with Windows 7 & 8. New customers should use ConfigSoft 4.2.