MT110 tBase

The tBase is both a wireless power supply and receiver for Kaha Sciences mouse telemeters.

The top of the tBase has an indent (335mm (L) x 190mm (W) x 10mm (D)) which the mouse cage is placed in for the best access to the inductive power field. The tBase generates an inductive power field which extends approximately 7cm above the surface of the indent. When the mouse telemeter is within the tBase power field, the telemeter will be powered and data recorded.

Configurator System

The Configurator System (TR190 Configurator hardware and ConfigSoft software), wirelessly communicates with the mouse telemeters and tBases.

The system allows the user to:

  1. Change/configure the transmission frequency of the tBase
  2. Change/configure the transmission frequency of the telemeter.
  3. Run Diagnostics on telemeters and tBases.

Only a single Configurator System is required for each laboratory and it is NOT required during data acquisition. Existing Configurator hardware in use with Rat Telemetry Systems can be used with the Mouse Telemetry System however a firmware and ConfigSoft software upgrade may be required.

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