Configure a Kaha Sciences Mouse telemetry system to meet your exact research needs. A typical mouse wireless telemetry system setup requires one tBase and Telemeter per animal, with only a single Configurator system required for each laboratory.

  1. Select and pair transmission frequencies between SmartPads and their Telemeters using the Configurator and ConfigSoftSurgically implant the Telemeter
  2. Connect the Smart Pad to a PowerLab via BNC. 

You are then ready to analyze your data using LabChart 8 or LabChart Lightning.

Mouse Telemetry System Components

Kaha Mouse telemeterMouse Biopotential Telemeter (MT10B)

  • Sampling rate 2 kHz — the highest sampling rate available for chronic mouse telemetry studies
  • Unique contoured shape designed for subcutaneous implantation
  • Single-use telemeter shipped sterile and ready for implantation for increased study efficiency

tBase (MT110)

  • Receives data and powers Kaha Sciences mouse telemeters within 7 cm vertical distance from the tBase
  • No special caging required: Optimized to fit standard mouse cages up to European standard type II long cages
  • Outputs an index of animal activity
  • Analog outputs (BNC) allow connection to any data acquisition system

Configurator System (TR190 and ConfigSoft)

  • Allocates and pairs tBases and telemeters to one of 40 independent frequencies— collect data from up to 40 in the same room
  • Controls all Kaha Sciences telemetry equipment in a laboratory — only one Configurator needed regardless of system size
  • Controls both mouse and rat telemetry system