Mouse Biopotential Telemeter (ECG, EEG, EMG)

The MT10B mouse biopotential telemeter provides high-quality data sampling at 2 kHz. Each telemeter provides measurement of a single biopotential signal, such as ECG, EEG or EMG from a mouse living in its home cage.

Kaha mouse telemeter MT10B

The telemeter does not contain a battery. Instead it receives power from inductive wireless power transfer when within 7 cm (vertical range) of the tBase surface. The telemeter provides 24/7 data transmission when powered by the tBase. The MT10B mouse telemeter requires the use of a tBase (MT110) and Configurator System (TR190 Configurator and ConfigSoft software).


  • Powered by the tBase using patented wireless inductive technology, providing at least twice the sampling rate (2 kHz) and time resolution of competing implants for superior data quality  
  • Supports continuous recording for extended sampling periods 
  • The single-use telemeters are shipped sterile and ready for implantation
  • Unique contoured shape designed to minimize irritation during subcutaneous implantation on the flank of mice
  • Use the index of animal activity to help interpret data and refine research protocols
  • Provides improved animal welfare by allowing the subject to move freely within the cage and fully software controlled to reduce handling/impact of stress.