The Kaha Sciences Rat Telemetry System sets the new standard in implantable, wireless telemetry to measure high-fidelity, physiological signals from rats >175g. The system allows measurement of true high-fidelity signals such as ventricular and arterial pressures, sympathetic nerve activity (SNA), biopotentials (e.g. ECG, EMG & EEG) and tissue oxygen.

The rat telemetry system enables researchers to collect high quality data in cardiovascular, safety pharmacology and toxicology studies. Data can be recorded for long periods of time and under conditions free from anesthesia or restraint. Additional benefits include reduced animal handling induced stress and reduced lab maintenance.

The Cohousing feature allows two telemeter implanted rats to be housed in a single cage or one larger rat (>350g) to be implanted with two telemeters, increasing the number of signals that can be recorded.

The complete system includes the Telemeter, SmartPad and Configurator and integrates with any data acquisition system with analog inputs.

Telemetry System Benefits

  • Replaces tethers, wires and cables
  • Allows long-term recordings
  • Enables monitoring in unrestrained environments
  • Reduces stress artifacts induced by animal handling
  • Allows animals to be used sequentially as their own controls or for multiple studies
  • Allows 24/7 recording of continuous measurements
  • Reduces the number of animals required
  • Reduces animal maintenance costs

Advanced Telemetry Technology

Digital data transmission, wireless inductive power supply and battery backup enable 24/7 digital data collection from telemeters implanted in freely moving, conscious animals living in their home cages.

Traditional Telemetry vs. Kaha Sciences Rat Telemetry

Traditional Telemetry Kaha Sciences Rat Telemetry
SignalsLow fidelity pressure, temperature, activity, low frequency biopotentialHigh-fidelity ventricular and arterial pressure, temperature, SNA, low and high frequency biopotential, tissue oxygen
Sampling frequency250 to 500 HzUp to 2 kHz
TransmissionAll transmitters send data on a single frequencyDigital transmission offers up to 40 individual transmission frequencies
Animal sizeMice, rats and largerRats (>175 g)
Housing arrangementTelemetered animals must be individually housedCan house up to two telemetered rats per cage with cohousing feature enabled
Recording rangeUp to 1 mUp to 5 m
Monitor durationLimited by battery lifeWireless power, rechargeable backup battery in vivo
Continuous dataLimited by battery lifeTrue 24/7 recording
RefurbishmentNeed to monitor battery state, refurbish when lowNo refurbishment waiting or cost, just recharge and continue
Output formatProprietary interfaceStandard analog voltage