The Kaha Sciences Rat Telemetry system can be configured to meet your exact needs. A typical wireless telemetry system setup requires one SmartPad and Telemeter per animal, with only a single Configurator System required for each laboratory. An additional advantage of the Kaha Sciences Rat Telemetry systems is the Cohousing feature. This allows for two animals to be housed in a single cage or two telemeters to be implanted in one animal (>350g). You also have the ability to mix and match the telemeter models depending on the physiological data your study requires.

Basic Telemetry System Setup

  1. Select and pair transmission frequencies between SmartPads and their Telemeters using Configurator
  2.  Surgically implant the Telemeter
  3.  Connect the Smart Pad to a PowerLab via the BNC analog outputs.

You are then ready to analyze your data using LabChart 8 or LabChart Lightning.


The Kaha Sciences rat telemetry Cohousing feature extends research opportunities by allowing:

  • Two rats (>175g each), each implanted with one telemeter to be housed together in a single cage, or
  • One rat (>350g) to be implanted with two telemeters (e.g. Oxygen + dual pressure or oxygen + SNA with pressure)

With Cohousing, the system continues to regulate the power supplied to both telemeters seamlessly while collecting continuous data with the expected accuracy and quality. Cohousing still requires one SmartPad per telemeter, as well as a Configurator System for the laboratory.

Existing systems can be upgraded to use the Cohousing feature without the need to purchase additional hardware. A firmware upgrade may be required for existing SmartPads (TR181 & TR180) and Configurators (see table below for details). Cohousing also requires ConfigSoft software version 3.0 or later.